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The following FAQ’s will address the many questions about Upper Perk YOUTH wrestling.

Who is the youth head coach?

Jacob Engle 

When is registration?

Online registration will start approximately the first week in September. Walk in registrations will also be held during the parent meeting held the first week in November. Check the website frequently for updated dates.

What is the right age for my son/daughter to start wrestling start?

Practice only is available for age 4, but 5 (kindergarten) is the recommended age for matches. Many wrestlers start at age 5-6, but some start later. For league matches, wrestlers are paired by age, weight, and experience so a new wrestler at age 10-12 will be paired against similar competition. Our league also allows middle school wrestlers (up to 8th grade) participate in Saturday matches.

When does the season start/end?

Wrestling season typically begins the first week in November. Matches start the end of December to the beginning of January. The season typically finishes the end of February, beginning of March. When/where are practices? Practices are staggered based on age and experience. They are held at the Upper Perk High School. Typically first year wrestlers will practice from 6:00-7:15 on Monday and Thursday. More experienced wrestlers will practice from 7:15-8:30 Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Occasionally a Friday practice will occur. Official groupings and practice dates will be assigned by the first week in November.

When and where are competitions held?

Our league (ICWL) has matches starting either the end of December or beginning of January (schedule TBD). Typically Upper Perk hosts one home match and the other 5-6 are away matches. The goal is to keep driving distances no more than 30-45 minutes. On a rare occasion a match will be 60-75 minutes away. Matches are held on Saturdays. The start time is determined by the event host, but they usually start at 8:00am or 12:00pm. Matches usually run 3-4 hours.

Where can my wrestler get more mat time / experience?

Before/after the season, the youth head coach holds a practice Wednesday night from 6:30-8:00pm at the high school for all Upper Perk wrestlers. There are other programs like Berserker Wrestling and Aresenal who offer training and summer camps. You can also independently register your wrestler for tournaments during the year (that do not conflict with team events) by visiting We also attempt to have practices and matches with other clubs during the season.

Who will my child wrestle?

During practice, wrestlers are split-up based on weight and experience. For league matches, wrestlers are paired by age, weight, and experience. For tournaments, wrestlers are paired by age and weight. Typically, wrestlers will have 2-5 matches on a Saturday. This will depend on the size of other teams, venue availability, and wrestler’s ability.

My daughter wants to wrestle. Is she eligible?

Even though boys are the majority of the team, girls are encouraged to wrestle. Upper Perk had a girl wrestling on the youth team for many years. Girls will wrestle with the same pairing criteria as boys and gender will not be a factor.

What does it take to be a wrestler?

Wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes. Wrestlers range from 35lbs to the 175lbs and anywhere in between. Similar to any sport, the more time, dedication, and discipline, the more successful he/she will become. Every wrestler progresses at a different age and can take a few years before they start to win consistently.

Are there many injuries in wrestling?

While there can be some bumps, bruises, and bloody noses, wrestling is safer than most other contact sports such as football. Wrestling is a controlled sport focusing on pairing individuals who are the same weight.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

Wrestling shoes and head gear is required, which can be found at most sporting goods stores. We do have a shoe bin that has previously worn shoes. New wrestlers can choose from this bin typically the first week of practice. We ask all wrestlers to donate their shoes back to the club to allow new wrestlers to utilize them.

I’m not sure if wrestling is the sport for my son/daughter. Is there a trial period for new wrestlers to determine if they like the sport?

Yes, the first two weeks of the season can be a trial period for first year wrestlers. However, in order to practice a USA wrestling card is required for insurance purposes. The wrestler must be registered and pay the $30 charge before practicing. After the two week period, if they wish to continue wrestling, full registration is required. The $30 will be applied to the registration cost

My son/daughter plays football or a fall sport. Can I start late?

Yes, we have many soccer and football players on the team. If they can work wrestling into their fall sports schedule, it is recommended. However, once playoffs end, then they are expected to commit to the wrestling practice schedule full-time.

How much is registration?

Registration costs are evaluated each year and will be made available during registration. The typical cost is $130-$140 (includes $20 in lottery tickets that you may sell or keep) plus a security deposit for uniform. Registration includes club sponsored tournaments, wrestling t-shirt, food and awards for wrestlers at end of year banquet, and USA wrestling membership.

Are there additional financial requirements besides registration and volunteer expectations?

The wrestling program is a small group compared to baseball, soccer, and football. We strive to keep registration costs down and need everyone to help volunteer to do so. Occasionally there will be a $2-5 charge for non-wrestlers at away events. For our home matches and tournament, we request parents to donate food and drinks for our snack stand. We also ask all parents to help with the various positions to host an event (set-up, dismantle, snack stand, score keeping, operating a clock, weigh-in, admissions, security, etc.). Wrestling takes a dedicated wrestling team family to run successful events.

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