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The following steps are required to be a youth assistant wrestling coach per ICWL and USA Wrestling. If you wish to be an assistant, please contact the youth head coach.

1.    Complete USA Wrestling Profile Account 

2.    Complete Event Volunteer Membership

3.    Complete SafeSport Certification

4.    Complete Background Check

Once you complete these 4 items, send [email protected] a screenshot of your profile that includes the green circles, which means you completed each required section.

For anyone in the ICWL who is wishing to become a Wrestling Leader or Event Volunteer member of USA Wrestling, the first step is to go to and set up a free account.  This can be found on the left-hand side of the screen.  If one already has an account, they simply log into their account.  After setting up or logging into their account, the next step is to create a profile or claim their previous profile (if someone has been a member of USA Wrestling previously, they will be able to claim a profile).  Every profile in USA Wrestling’s membership system has a USA Wrestling ID which ends in 01 – this is a unique identifier that does not change. 

Upon creation of an account and creating/claiming a profile, the individual will then be able to complete SafeSport training and the background screening. 

For SafeSport training, the link is  The first item that is asked for is the “Membership Number,” which is the USA Wrestling ID for the user.  After setting up an account with SafeSport, the individual will be sent an activation e-mail and then can begin their training.  There are three modules that must be completed (Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education, Mandatory Reporting and Emotional & Physical Misconduct).  The modules can be completed in any order, and will take approximately 90 minutes total.  

For the background screening conducted by the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI), the link is  When entering their personal information, applicants will be required to enter their USA Wrestling ID along with their personal information.  It is pretty typical that screenings are in the 3-4 business day range, though some are returned quicker and some are returned slower. 

A user will receive an e-mail from USA Wrestling when their profile is updated with their SafeSport training and background screening, respectively.  Once both have been completed and passed, the user is able to log into his/her account at and complete the membership transaction.

If one has questions on how to navigate through our membership system, tutorial videos can be found at

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